Dictionary of TV words

On this page are explanations of TV terms starting with 'M', 'N' and 'O'

Magic Motion Remote Control for LG Smart TVs

LG Magic Motion Remote Control is special type of remote control that operates like a mouse. A smart TV is never smart if you have to endure an overly of complex process for controlling your TV. The Magic Motion Remote Control provides the easiest control over your LG Smart TV. Just Point, Click, and Control. With simple waving movements and gestures, you can drag, flick, and select your preferences, without the hassle of using multiple buttons and arrow keys.

Mega prefix words list

Mega is a term meaning One Million. So a Mega Pixel means one million. The word 'Mega' is used as the prefix for many words and the word Mega signifies One Million. We have a list of commonly used words in TV specs with the Mega prefix:

  • Mega-bit
  • Mega-Hertz
  • Mega-pixels

Micro Dimming Plus Samsung

Samsung Micro Dimming, Microdimming Plus and Micro Dimming Ultimate are exclusive 'Local Dimming' technology of Samsung to improve the contrast ratio of Samsung TVs.

Moth-Eye TV, Philips Moth Eye TV, Sharp Moth Eye TV

Moth-Eye filter is special anti-reflective or anti-reflection (AR) coating film applied on TV screens. What is special about this coating is that it was inspired by the eyes of the Moth which has a unique eye surface covered by a film on which is a very thin bee hive shaped hexagonal pattern which cuts out reflections from its eyes. This has dual benefit for the Moth, it prevents reflections off its eyes and thus protects it from its enemies by not betraying its location by reflections of light on its eyes. Secondly, with no reflections off its eyes, it can see much more clearly in the night.

The TV companies Sharp and Philips jointly developed the moth-eye filter for TVs. They mimicked the Moths eye to give a superb antireflective coating on TVs. Models of Philips Moth Eye TV and Sharp Moth Eye TV are now available.

MPEG full form

The full form of MPEG abbreviation is 'Moving Picture Experts Group' and was established in 1988 to set standards for audio and video compression and transmission. The standards MPEG Coding now in practice are MPEG-2 and MPEG-4. MPEG2 MPEG4 difference is that MPEG-4 is capable of much greater compression of signals than MPEG-2. MPEG4 compared to MPEG-2 is about 4 times more efficient.

MCI: Motion Clarity Index of LG TVs

The full form of LG TV's MCI is Motion Clarity Index. MCI is an indicator of the clarity of high speed motion display, incorporating more than just frame rates. LG's detailed backlight scanning, advanced local dimming technology, and the XD engine contribute to a superb performance in enhancing clarity and realism of fast-moving pictures.

Motionflow Sony TV

Sony Motionflow 200Hz is the world’s first quadruple speed 200Hz frame rate conversion that helps to improve the clarity of fast-moving objects on screen. It creates three new intermediate images based on the incoming signal and inserts them between the original pictures and thus images are displayed at a rate of 200 fps. As a result, Motionflow 200Hz offers sharp and smooth reproduction of fast-moving images especially when you’re watching sports programmes.

Motionflow XR 800 Sony

Sony Motionflow XR 800 makes TV picture more smoother and sharper. This includes 4-times speed play which inserts 3 additional frames between the images, making the video play more distinctive.

TV features and specs starting with the letter 'N'

Neo Plasma: What is Neo Plasma screen of Panasonic

Panasonic Neo Plasma is Panasonic's new Plasma TV panels which claim to have screens with twice the luminous efficiency, lower power consumption, improved image quality and thinner screens than normal Plasma TVs. The NeoPlasma TV with Fast switching phosphors is capable of displaying a 600Hz Sub-field Drive to deliver much sharper pictures of fast action scenes. It is claimed to have a 2,000,000+:1 Dynamic contrast ratio.

NTSC meaning

NTSC is an abbreviation for 'National Television System Committee' and is the standard used in USA TV broadcasts. It uses a resolution of 525 lines and transmits 60 frames per second. The 60 frames per second is derived because the frequency of the electric power supply in USA is at 60Hz. In UK and some other countries where the electric power supply is at 50 Hz, uses the PAL system with a frame rate of 50 frames per second in sync with the electricity frequency. For Digital broadcasts in the USA a new standard, the ATSC has replaced the NTSC since June, 2009.

TV features and Specifications starting with the letter 'O'

OLED full form

The full form of OLED abbreviation is 'Organic Light Emitting Diode'. This technology could be the future of a new generation of TVs which could completely replace LCD, LED and Plasma TVs. OLED TVs now available are expensive, but expected to become cheaper in the near future. The OLED TV holds promise of being larger, clearer with better pictures and better contrast ratios than all the present day TVs. There is also the promise of OLED TV screens being able to be printed which could make OLED TVs very cheap compared to any of the TVs of today.

Optical Audio Cable

An Optical Audio Cable is an audio connection cable which uses an optical fiber to light to transmit digital audio signals. It is sometimes called TOSLINK (short for 'Toshiba Link').

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