Dictionary of TV words

Advantages of IPS panel TV, Interlaced and Progressive scan explained below

On this page we have meanings of technical words used in TV specifications starting with the letters 'I', 'J' and 'K'

Infinite Black and Infinite Black Pro (Panasonic)

This is a feature of Panasonic Plasma TV, VIERA NeoPDP. The VIERA NeoPDP makes use of millions of self-illuminating plasma cells instead of of a backlight. Deeper blacks are achieved by the new improved cells with higher brightness due to the larger plasma cells with improved plasma gas and new phosphor coating. Infinite Black achieves a contrast ratio of 5,000,000:1 (Infinite Black) and Infinite Black Pro gets even higher contrast ratios.

Interlaced and Progressive scan:

To understand Interlaced and progressive scan, we must first understand how the picture on a TV is formed.

How a TV picture is painted on the screen by an electron beam

In a very simplified way, we can explain it by the use of the picture on the right. In a CRT television the picture on the TV screen gets "painted" on the screen. An electron beam "paints" the image on the screen by moving from left to right starting from the top left hand corner (1). When it reaches the other end of the screen the beam offs and quickly moves back to the left side (2) and at the same time going down a little bit. It repeats this process till it finally reaches the bottom right hand corner. Now the beam has painted one frame of the TV picture on the TV screen. The electron beam offs and then moves back up and repeats the process (3). All of this is done in fractions of a second, since the beam has to paint about 25 to 30 full pictures on the screen per second. As the beam paints each line from left to right, the intensity and characteristics of the beam is changed to create different shades of colours across the screen.

There are 3 standard resolutions for the number of horizontal lines. In the old CRT TV it was 480 lines. The HD Ready and the ordinary DVD players have 720 lines. HDTV and Blu-Ray DVD players have 1080 lines.

TV transmission companies, in order to reduce the Bandwidth required to transmit TV pictures, devised a method by which each frame of a picture is split into 2. The odd lines starting from the top, that is line 1, line 3, line 5, etc are made into one frame. Similarly the even lines 2, 4, 6, 8, etc are made into the second frame. This means that the TV transmitting station only has to transmit only half the picture information or data at a time, even though, instead of 25 frames per second they now have to transmit 50 frames per second. This method of transmitting is called 'Interlaced Scanning'. The TV now receives 50 frames per second and it combines 2 frames into one and shows it on the TV. The 'i' after the horizontal line numbers represents that it is an interlaced signal.

Progressive Scans on the other hand transmits the complete picture at the same time. The 'p' after the horizontal line resolution stands for progressive. Of the two scanning methods, the progressive is the better one, because it avoids problems like 'judder' or 'jitter' or 'flickering' in the TV full picture when the 2 interlaced pictures are combined. So in effect the best quality picture from today's TV technology is available from a 1080p device. Right now, in India 1080p is only available from Blu-ray DVD.

Intelligent Peak LED (Sony)

BRAVIA’s unique ‘Intelligent Peak LED’ feature gives you deepest black and flawless white. The multi-segmented arrangement in BRAVIA’s LED backlight with 'Local Dimming' capabilities, gives finest colour contrast.

Intelligent Picture (Sony)

BRAVIA's Series is equipped with Intelligent Picture that automatically boosts weak analogue broadcast signals (RF) and reduces the noise of these signals to produce vibrant and noise-free pictures.

Internet-ready TV

If a TV has the ability to connect to the internet then it is termed as an 'Internet Ready' TV or now a days labeled as a 'Smart TV. These TVs can connect to your home network and access online content. For example, you can get YouTube movies directly on the TV without the need of a computer. Facilities to access Social networking sites FaceBook and Google+ are also built in. Many Apps from the manufacturer can be downloaded onto your TV.

IPS panel TV, What is IPS Screen

IPS stands for In Plane Switching. IPS LCD and LED TVs are now considered the top of the range in LCD and LED type TVs. LCD or LED screens are mainly of two types: In-Plane Switching (IPS) and Twisted Nematic (TN) type. IPS is the superior technology because it gives much wider viewing angles and much better color to the TV screen. Contrast ratios were not so good in the earlier days, but now with the newer versions of Super IPS screens the contrast and other TV performance parameters have improved vastly.


Internet Protocol television, is a means by which Internet television can be received through the internet.

TV spec words begining with 'J'


A socket usually on the back or side of the TV into which cables like HDMI, Component, etc. are connected.


Jitter means a vertical vibration of the TV picture.


JPEG is the abbreviation of 'Joint Photographic Experts Group'. It is a format of digital compression in digital photography.


Rapid vibration or distortion of the TV picture usually caused when interlaced video is recombined to form the complete picture on the TV.

Specs of TV starting with 'K'

'K' the abbreviation

K is usually the abbreviation for a 1000. For example a Kilo-gram means a 1000 grams, a Kilo-meter means a 1000 meters. When 'K' is used with reference to computers, it means 1024 bytes, 64K for example actually means 1024 x 64 = 65,536 bytes.

Karaoke TV App

Karaoke TV App has thousands of songs embedded in the App itself and it helps you to sing along with the background music playing and your voice singing on the TV audio system and with your picture on the TV with background effects. If you are an AT&T U-verse customer and have high speed Internet, then you get access to the AT&T Karaoke TV App for $10 a month

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